In today’s world, we have to obviously be careful who we choose to do business with…we need to be even MORE careful who we let in our home or office!
When hiring a cleaning service, a few questions and verifications will pay of BIG in the long run:
1) Are you licensed? In order to be licensed, one must go to either the city and county to obtain what is now referred to as a business tax receipt, where paperwork has to be filled out, and verifications made.
2) Are you bonded and/or insured? If a company is not bonded and insured, YOU can be held liable in the event of an accident. Also, a bond insures if something comes up missing in your home or office, you are covered by that bond. Make SURE the company you deal with is FULLY insured in the event of an accident!
3) Do you have VERIFIABLE local references? A good place to find these are the Better Business Bureau, local Chamber of Commerce, and obviously star recommendations/reviews on Facebook. Check out a companies ratings and see if you know somebody they’ve done work for…
4) Do you have Workers Comp insurance? Workers Comp pays for a persons injuries if they are hurt on the job while performing work-related tasks. If a person is not properly insured, YOU can be held liable! Workers Comp waivers DO NOT always protect you either. This just lets you know the person or company is not appropriately insured in case of an accident on your property-PROTECT YOURSELF!
REMEMBER: “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price is gone”. Too good to be true offers are usually just that. Check out your service companies BEFORE they get started! Insist on verification of the above to insure you and your family’s safety and security.
If you are looking for a FULLY licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning service with Workers Comp, call Broom Hildy TODAY! Open 7 days for your convenience-

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