Dryer vent fires can be prevented!

We were sad to hear that a Greenwood, Missouri homeowner watched her house burn this week, not only since her loss is so tragic, but also because it might have easily been avoided. KSHB reports that the fire started in the laundry room, thanks to a dryer hose clogged with lint.

Many people often forget or brush off this hidden household danger, but the stats are too striking to ignore. The National Fire Protection Association reports that over 15,000 home fires start in dryers annually.

To lower your risk, check your dryer’s hose at least a once year (or when you notice your clothes aren’t drying in one cycle)

If you are unable to clean your dryer vent yourself, call Broom Hildy Cleaning Service TODAY at 321-593-0779! We would be happy to help you and possibly avoid a problem like this…


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