In today’s world, we have to obviously be careful who we choose to do business with…we need to be even MORE careful who we let in our home or office!
When hiring a cleaning service, a few questions and verifications will pay of BIG in the long run:
1) Are you licensed? In order to be licensed, one must go to either the city and county to obtain what is now referred to as a business tax receipt, where paperwork has to be filled out, and verifications made.
2) Are you bonded and/or insured? If a company is not bonded and insured, YOU can be held liable in the event of an accident. Also, a bond insures if something comes up missing in your home or office, you are covered by that bond. Make SURE the company you deal with is FULLY insured in the event of an accident!
3) Do you have VERIFIABLE local references? A good place to find these are the Better Business Bureau, local Chamber of Commerce, and obviously star recommendations/reviews on Facebook. Check out a companies ratings and see if you know somebody they’ve done work for…
4) Do you have Workers Comp insurance? Workers Comp pays for a persons injuries if they are hurt on the job while performing work-related tasks. If a person is not properly insured, YOU can be held liable! Workers Comp waivers DO NOT always protect you either. This just lets you know the person or company is not appropriately insured in case of an accident on your property-PROTECT YOURSELF!
REMEMBER: “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price is gone”. Too good to be true offers are usually just that. Check out your service companies BEFORE they get started! Insist on verification of the above to insure you and your family’s safety and security.
If you are looking for a FULLY licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning service with Workers Comp, call Broom Hildy TODAY! Open 7 days for your convenience-

Green Cleaning? We can do it!

The Whats And Whys Of The Green Cleaning Revolution

At one time or another, you might have heard or read of the term ‘green cleaning’. Have you ever wondered what green cleaning is, how it got started, or why it is important to you? Here is a short primer to get you up to speed.

The early conservation movement began in the 18th Century after the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The concept included the management of fisheries, wildlife, water, soil, and forests. The idea of conservation was not considered until then because there was no need to save an environment that was not seen as being endangered.

Fifty years ago, a movement arose that was called ‘ecology’. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, reflecting the environmental consciousness that was spreading throughout the world. Although the early colonists recycled, it was because new materials were hard to come by. The reasons for recycling changed in the 1970s, and the problem was reframed as being something that consumers should solve. The creation of the Environmental Protection Agency would come next, as the government began to take an active part in protecting the environment.

Not long afterward, the first green cleaning products made their way onto the shelves of health food stores. The green cleaning movement had started but it began as a narrow niche. Much like recycling, the use of green cleaners spread as an altruistic endeavor of the consumer. It would take several decades before green cleaning would make progress as a practice in the professional cleaning industry. One of the reasons for the slow adoption was that there were no clear standards or definitions of what a green cleaning product was, and no one really knew for sure what was good for the environment or not.

That changed in the 1990s when legislation directed federal agencies to start purchasing environmentally friendly products for cleaning federal offices. This created a need to develop standards. The need for standards then created a demand for green certification organizations. The organizations made it easier for purchasing agents to identify the green products. It also drove the development of new products in the marketplace. Now, all new green cleaning products looking for certification need to be evaluated in a scientific way. They also need to perform as well as chemical-based cleaners, and they have to be independently certified as green. Additional criteria and standards have arisen as well, including the use of sustainable resources, and the cleaner’s ability to be biodegradable and recyclable. Other factors include the cleaning agent’s ability to conserve water, its allergic reactivity, and other considerations. At this time, the federal government has not had a role in developing green standards. However, there is a push in that direction.

So, why is it important for your professional cleaning company to use green cleaning products? Going green when cleaning can lessen water pollution, an important point considering the recent problems with the Indian River. It also reduces air pollution somewhat and even helps fight climate change and ozone depletion to a small degree. In addition, the practice of using green products also promotes recycling, which can reduce the use of raw materials. Green cleaning certainly lessens the need for the disposal of toxic products. Most importantly, green cleaning makes your home and business environment safe. It keeps your indoor air less polluted so that you don’t have to breathe those strong-smelling chemicals.

With all of these advantages and no disadvantages, it is truly a wonder why all professional cleaning companies don’t use green cleaning products. If your current cleaning company does not use them, even on a limited basis, we have a suggestion for a cleaning company that does. They use tea-tree based cleaners that are better for the environment, and they have the added bonus of protecting the health of you, your family and your employees. Give us a call today!

Why is Steam-Cleaning Still the Best Method to Clean Your Carpet?

The Myths of Dry Carpet Cleaning…
There is a reason that the majority of carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet steam-cleaned by professional every 6-12 months, depending on how heavily your carpet is used. That is because by using the hot water extraction system, you ensure that not only dirt and debris is removed from your carpet, but that cleaning residue is removed as well. Steam cleaning doesn’t leave the residue behind!
Steam cleaning works by first pre-treating the carpet to loosen dirt and debris. Then, the technician will use a super high-pressure (up to 250 psi) wand that forces very hot water (over 200 degrees fahrenheit, so it is practically “steam”) down into the carpet, and will alternate this action with immediately vacuuming out the steamy water and debris that has been loosened by the pre-treatment.
The most powerful equipment on the market are truck-mounted extraction systems, and you should look for a company who offers this. It is the most effective method for removing allergens, harmful tobacco residue, bacteria, dust, fungus, and of course dirt and debris that may be living in your carpet.
The next best thing is “portable extraction,” where a large portable hot water extraction unit is used to perform the service. While these are not quite as powerful as the truck-mounted units, they are VERY effective, and a great alternative to dry cleaning when you live in a high-rise or condo that cannot be accessed with a truck-mounted unit.
This is the reason why most carpet manufacturers require steam cleaning.
Dry Carpet Cleaning companies cite supposed “risks” of steam-cleaning as: mold or mildew growth, carpet shrinkage or warping, or other damage such as split seams.
However, there is no research to back up such claims. In fact, research show quite the opposite – that dry-cleaning is far more likely to damage your carpet in the long run than the manufacturer-recommended steam-cleaning method.
The reality of Dry Carpet Cleaning is that they cannot effectively remove residue from your carpet. There are typically two methods Dry Carpet Cleaners use, and both are ineffective:
Bonnet system – This method “works” by pre-spraying the carpet with a chemical solution, much like steam cleaning. BUT, the difference is that the solution is supposedly removed when the bonnet buffers with carpet and “picks up the debris.” Would you try to remove a cleaning solution from your carpet by rubbing it a dry towel? Without first dissolving the solution with hot water, and then vacuuming it, like the steam-cleaning method, it is IMPOSSIBLE to extract the dirt and debris. This method does not even use a vacuum, so the amount of residue left on your carpet is very high.
Dry-Compound System – This method supposedly “works” by sprinkling a damp powder on the carpet, and then vacuuming it out. The “magic” powder is somehow supposed to catch all the dirt before being removed. The first problem is that the dirt doesn’t always (read: rarely) attach. The second problem is that this method will leave a lot of residue on your carpet, since the powder is not dissolved by hot water (and thus much more easily extracted by powerful suction).
Dry Shampoo Method –The cleaner will spray a carpet shampoo onto your carpet, wait for it to DRY, and only then try to remove it with a dry vacuum. Imagine using that method on your hair, or your clothes, and see how much residue you are left with.
ALL THREE systems leave significant residue on your carpet, and thus actually reduce the lifetime of your carpet! Do not be tempted by lower prices or “convenience” – it will cost you more time and money in the long-run.
If you want your carpet cleaned RIGHT, call Broom Hildy and schedule an appointment TODAY!

Dryer vent fires can be prevented!

We were sad to hear that a Greenwood, Missouri homeowner watched her house burn this week, not only since her loss is so tragic, but also because it might have easily been avoided. KSHB reports that the fire started in the laundry room, thanks to a dryer hose clogged with lint.

Many people often forget or brush off this hidden household danger, but the stats are too striking to ignore. The National Fire Protection Association reports that over 15,000 home fires start in dryers annually.

To lower your risk, check your dryer’s hose at least a once year (or when you notice your clothes aren’t drying in one cycle)

If you are unable to clean your dryer vent yourself, call Broom Hildy Cleaning Service TODAY at 321-593-0779! We would be happy to help you and possibly avoid a problem like this…



What is the one important appliance that is at the center of the kitchen? It’s the refrigerator, as it is supposed to safely store all of our perishable food. Without it, we wouldn’t have many of the yummy foods that we like to eat. However, many people don’t realize that food is also what germs like the most. Did you know that there are thousands of more germs in a typical kitchen sink than there are on a typical toilet seat? It’s because of the food that feeds not only us but the germs that are around us. However, we just aren’t that aware of the level of filth that is in our refrigerators. We leave leftovers in there until they grow cultures. We spill things and don’t clean them up right away. We leave jars of food in our refrigerators way too long. Maybe we think it is because we incorrectly assume that because our refrigerators are cold that germs can’t grow at all. However, germs do grow in our refrigerators, and it’s not only unpleasant, it can be downright dangerous to our health. Compounding that fact is that we very often put off cleaning our refrigerator, and even when we do, we don’t sometimes clean it properly. It’s a no-brainer that the appliance should be kept clean and hygienic as possible in order to reduce the risk of food poisoning and disease. We’ve written this article for our neighbors on the Space Coast n order to offer some tips on how to properly clean your refrigerator and freezer.

Get your supplies and tools together first. You want to think ahead and make sure that you have a cooler and ice ready to put the food into while you are cleaning. You will also need lots of cleaning cloths or a clean sponge, dish soap, a plastic scrubber, rubber gloves, trash bags, a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner.

Common kitchen cleaners can be very strong, containing many chemicals that kill common kitchen germs. These products should not come into contact, either directly or in a lingering way, with food in the refrigerator. You will want to go to the store and buy glass cleaner for cleaning the outside of any stainless steel, and a microfiber cloth is great for getting rid of the streaks and fingerprints. For non-stainless steel surfaces and the inside of your refrigerator, you can use your normal kitchen dishwashing liquid and hot water to wipe the insides of your fridge and soak the drawers in. You can also make your own homemade cleaner. Start with a gallon of hot water and pour in a cup of ammonia, a half cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda. This mixture not only cleans, it also helps to prevent mold and germs.

Stick all of the food into coolers so that you can make sure to reach every crevice and crack. If you are going to clean your fridge, might as well go all in, right? Also, taking everything out of the unit allows you take an inventory of your foodstuffs much easier than if they are tucked away out of sight. Weed out anything that is old, rotten, smelly or just doesn’t give you a good feeling. If doing this makes you feel queasy, wear gloves. Throw it all directly into the trash!

Remove all of the shelves and drawers and soak them in soapy water for a while to loosen the grime, then use a scrub brush on them, rinse and dry. You can also use your homemade cleaner here if you really want to disinfect. If there are areas that are hard to get to, use an old toothbrush.

Make sure to wipe down the walls, shelf seams, and the rubber door seal. Use a non-abrasive sponge to remove sticky, caked-on spills, and an old toothbrush for getting into crevices.
After wiping down all the inside surfaces, you might notice stains left. For these tough areas, press a very hot sponge over the area to try to soften the sticky stain. You can also try a pencil eraser. Replace all the shelves and drawers you took out. Remember to double check the food that you put back in.

You might want to clean the coils of the refrigerator occasionally. CAUTION: Make sure to shut off the power supply to avoid getting shocked! The coils will be either in the back of the fridge, under the fridge behind the grille or sometimes on the top of the fridge. Use a brush to remove the dust and debris then sweep or vacuum up the dust and cobwebs.

If your freezer doesn’t have an auto defrost, then turn it off and defrost it for several hours before you clean it out. Take care not to use a screwdriver or other tool to hurry the cleanup as you might damage your unit.

Make sure to use your refrigerator correctly. That means vegetables should go in the crisper drawer where the temperature is ideal for veggies. Because the door is a little warmer than the rest of the unit, don’t store eggs, milk, or meat there. Put condiments there instead. Go to another level in your refrigerator by organizing it a way that makes sense to you. Keep like items with like. To absorb odors, stick an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator. Taking these steps on a regular basis is healthier, and you might find that it makes you feed more appealing as well!


It’s convenient and also frees up time for running your business
Who couldn’t use some more time to get things done? How many times have you thought that there weren’t enough hours in a day? Here is a simple way to gain more time to do those things that make your business successful. Leave the cleaning to the professionals, and enjoy a consistently cleaner, fresher business as well.

Most employees do not want to do the cleaning
Let’s face it, most people like to do what they do best. After a full week at the office, your employees probably don’t want to clean up after themselves. They don’t want to work in the office all week, then have to mop the floor and scrub toilets too. Besides, your employees have to clean their car, their garage, their yard, and their home as well. It might make sense to let your employees do what they do best, and not make them do jobs that are better left to someone who does professional cleaning as a regular job.

Properly sanitized office means less sick days for workers
A clean and properly sanitized workplace means less germs, less colds and flu, less respiratory and allergic problems, hence less sick days for your employees, which creates increased production and a higher bottom line for your business.

A properly cleaned office impresses customers
Ever walk into a restaurant and notice food under the table? How do you feel when you use a convenience store bathroom and it smells horrible? What is your reaction when you go to open the door to a business and you see smudges on the glass, smell odors or see debris and clutter laying around? On the other hand, what do you feel when you visit a place of business that keeps its workplace spotless?

Cleaning companies have flexible schedules to make cleaning convenient
A professional janitorial service will bend over backwards to fit the cleaning schedule that works best for you. Having a regular cleaning schedule and contract is a win-win for everyone. It adds to the base of operation for the cleaning company and the business owner doesn’t ever have to worry about their business not being clean. Cleaners with a consistent cleaning contract and are reliable and learn how to do the job right every time.

Having cleaning companies keep things spiffy increases employee morale
How important is it to have happy employees? Studies show that your employees morale have a direct impact on employees efficiency and productivity. The most important factors contributing employees morale are their relationship with their fellow workers and the working condition of workplace. It is clear that promoting an environment that is consistently clean and sanitized can go a long way toward improving morale and productivity at your company.

Cleaning companies will automatically keep your consumables well stocked
Ever run out of toilet paper, plastic cups, and other items? Whose fault is it that it didn’t get ordered? Maybe it just gets done by no one in particular. It is easy and convenient to hire a cleaning company to keep your business stocked with all the consumables and staples you and your employees count on.

The best janitorial companies are licensed, insured, bonded for your peace of mind
A great cleaning company will be licensed, bonded and insured. You will rest assured that each member of the cleaning team is professional and worthy of your trust and that the company is covered by insurance. The best cleaning companies pay for their employees worker’s comp insurance too.

Cleaning companies save you money, they do the job right, and they have the right equipment and supplies
When you hire a cleaning company, you are hiring workers that do this for a living. They do it quickly, efficiently, and correctly. They know which tools and supplies to use and will own state-of-the-art equipment that will clean your business the right way. In addition, you should consider using a cleaning company that uses natural-based and environmentally friendly cleaning agents. It’s better for your health and better for the environment too.

Hiring the cleaning done also means you won’t have to worry about buying, stocking and having to maintain a tremendous amount of equipment and supplies. Some of them include a vacuum cleaner with attachments, steam cleaner with all the attachments, white cloth rags, paper towels, toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner, broom, dustpan & brush, dry mop, wet mop & bucket, latex gloves, wet floor signs, heavy-duty extension cords, window cleaner, disinfectant, bathroom cleaner, furniture polish, soft scrub product for sinks, SOS pads, feather duster, high duster, and a caddy with a handle to keep your supplies in. Don’t use some of these supplies and equipment? You probably aren’t cleaning the building properly!

Your carpet, tile, and grout need professional cleaning 
Carpets are a special magnet for dirt, allergens, and dust and can become respiratory hazards. They need to be cleaned frequently, and it is not an easy job. Cleaning services companies will use different methods to clean it, including steam cleaning, to ensure it remains in great condition.

Why should you consider hiring a cleaning company for your business? After reading this article you might now have a better answer to that question. You might also be wondering who to hire on the Space Coast that can do the job right. Give us a call and we will tell you about a great cleaning company that we know a lot about!